Partner Dependent SyntaxΒΆ

  • For outgoing messages it is possible to specify a partner dependent syntax.
  • This is especially useful for x12 and edifact, for setting envelope values and partner specific separators.
  • These parameters override the settings in the message grammar; you only need to specify the partner-specific parameters.


no need to set partner specific separators for incoming messages; bots will figure this out by itself.

To set partner specific syntax parameters, create according to editype used:

  • bots/usersys/partners/x12/
  • bots/usersys/partners/edifact/

Example file with partner specific setting (x12):

syntax = {
     'ISA05'                  : 'XX',    #use different communication qualifier for sender
     'ISA07'                  : 'ZZ',    #use different communication qualifier for receiver
     'field_sep'              : '|',     #use different field separator

Example file with partner specific setting (edifact):

syntax = {
          'UNB.S002.0007':'ZZ',        # partner qualifier
          'UNB.S003.0007':'ZZ',        # partner qualifier