User Scripting

Bots has many places (exit points) where user scripting can be used. These user scripts are optional; bots will work without them but they provide great control over functionality for advanced users.

Route Script for Bots-engine

A special routescript called can be added. This is called by the bots-engine at various points. You may wish to use this for your own logging, reporting or cleanup routines.

In Bots v3.2+ There are pre and post exit points for all runs, and for each type of run (command).

  • pre (before any run)
  • prenew
  • preresend
  • prerereceive
  • preautomaticretrycommunicationcommunication
  • precleanup
  • postnew
  • postresend
  • postrereceive
  • postautomaticretrycommunicationcommunication
  • postcleanup
  • post (after any run)
# user script example for some bots-engine exit points,
# showing the passed args.

# before any run
def pre(commandstorun,routestorun):
    print 'pre',commandstorun,routestorun

# before "new" run
def prenew(routestorun):
    print 'prenew',routestorun

# after "cleanup" run
def postcleanup(routestorun):
    print 'postcleanup',routestorun

# after any run
def post(commandstorun,routestorun):
    print 'post',commandstorun,routestorun

Example of doing something useful with exit points

The postcleanup exit point can be used to add your own daily tasks (eg. cleanup, backup or reporting capabilities). By default, bots runs a cleanup once per day at the end of the first run that day. (setting whencleanup=daily in bots.ini)

This example automatically activates or deactivates partners on the dates you configure for the partner (startdate, enddate)

import bots.botslib as botslib
import datetime

def postcleanup(routestorun):

        # activate any partners with a "start date" of today
        botslib.changeq(u'''UPDATE partner
                            SET active = 1
                            WHERE startdate = %(today)s''',

        # deactivate any active partners with an "end date" before today
        botslib.changeq(u'''UPDATE partner
                            SET active = 0
                            WHERE active = 1
                            AND  enddate is not null
                            AND enddate < %(today)s''',