Welcome to bots

  • Bots is fully functional software for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
  • All major EDI data formats are supported: EDIFACT, X12, TRADACOMS, XML.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, OSX and Unix.
  • Bots is very stable.
  • Bots handles high volumes of edi transactions.
  • Bots is flexible and can be configurated for your specific EDI needs.
  • Read about the features of bots and the latest news

First steps

  1. Installation
  2. Start bots up
  3. Get your first configuration running: Quick Start Guide
  4. Check out some plugins.

Other info on bots

It’s hard to get started

Often people experience a steep learning curve when starting with edi. A lot of knowledge is involved:

  • edi standards (edifact, x12, tradacoms, EANCOM etc)
  • business processes between you and your edi-partner (logistics!), changes in the business processes
  • understand what your edi-partner wants/requires
  • edi communication methods (x400, VAN’s, AS2 etc)
  • imports and exports of your ERP system
  • specifics of the edi software.
  • etc

It is hard to find good information about edi: standards are not always free (eg x12 is not free), decent example messages are hard to get and often if is hard to find good information on Internet. Edi is traditionally ‘closed’ and sparse with information. Partly this seems to be a ‘cultural thing’, partly because edi existed before Internet, partly because it is all about business data that is not for the general public.

Don’t give up ;-)) I think everybody who started with edi has gone through this.