Mapping ScriptsΒΆ

Definition: Instructions to get data from incoming edi-message and put it in the outgoing edi-message
  • Mapping scripts are python programs.
  • Mapping script are in: usersys/mappings/editype/
  • Within a mapping script function main() is called.
  • Some important things to be noted about mapping scripts:
    • All data in the incoming/outgoing messages are strings.
    • Errors in a mapping script are caught by Bots and displayed in bots-monitor.
    • You can Raise an exception in your mapping script if you encounter an error situation.
    • (Bots>=3.0) if an error is raised in a script, other translations for message in same edi-file will continue.
    • (Bots>=3.0) when an error situation is met in script: you can send specific error-email to responsible people.