Partner Specific Translation

Explain by example

You receive edifact ORDERSD96AUNEAN008 from several partners. Partner retailer-abroad fills the orders in a different way; the difference is so big that it is better to have a separate mapping script. Configure this like:

  • one grammar for incoming edifact ORDERSD96AUNEAN008 message. (It is a standard message, isn’t it?)
  • one grammar for the inhouse import format. (We definitely want one import for all orders)
  • note that the incoming edifact grammar uses QUERIES to determine the from-partner and to-partner before the translation.
  • make the 2 mapping scripts:
    • mapping script (specific for partner retailer-abroad) .
    • mapping script fixed-myinhouseorde’ (for all other retailers).
  • add retailer-abroad to partners (via bots-monitor->Configuration->Partners & groups).
  • Use 2 translations rules:
    • edifact-ORDERSD96AUNEAN008 to fixed-myinhouseorder using mapping script
    • edifact-ORDERSD96AUNEAN008 to fixed-myinhouseorder using mapping script for from-partner retailer-abroad

Often there are lots of similarities between the mappings - the ‘many similar yet different mappings’ problems. This can be handled in bots in a nice way.


Plugin ‘demo_partnerdependent’ at the bots sourceforge site demonstrates partner-groups.