• A plugin is a file with predefined configuration for bots. It includes routes, channels, grammars, mappings etc.
  • Plugins are installed via bots-monitor-Systasks->Read plugin.
  • In order to run the routes in a plugin you first have to activate the routes.
  • There are useful plugins on the bots sourceforge site.
  • Documentation for these plugins.


grammars for edifact and x12 are NOT plugins, and can not be installed.

For what is a bots plugin useful?

  • An easy way to distribute and share edi configurations for bots.
  • Learn from existing configurations
  • Backup your configuration.
  • Share your configuration with others (It would be nice if you want to share your configuration; other can use and/or learn from what you have done.).
  • Do another install of the same configuration.
  • Transfer your environment from test to production.
  • Plugins are used to update to a new version of bots (only between minor versions).