Quick Start Guide

  • Purpose: get your first edi configuration running.
  • This is done by installing plugin my_first_plugin; this plugin provides a working configuration.
  • When run, this configuration will read and write example edi messages (provided in the plugin) from your system.
  • In this configuration incoming edifact orders are translated to a fixed file format.

Install plugin ``my_first_plugin``

  1. Assumed is:
  2. Now download and install plugin my_first_plugin.
  3. Instructions for installing a plugin are here.
  4. The plugin can be downloaded from the bots sourceforge site.

Activate the route

  1. go to the routes screen: bots-monitor->Configuration->Routes
  2. note that route myfirstroute is not active now (indicated by red icon)
  3. select the tick-box in front of the route myfirstroute
  4. select action activate/de-activate
  5. click on the ‘Go’-button behind the selected action.
  6. note that route myfirstroute is active now (indicated by green icon)

Run the translation

  1. Run the translation: bots-monitor->Run->Run (Only New).
  2. You will get notified that the bots-engine is started.
  3. Bots-engine is the part of bots that does the translations and communications; it runs in the background. Bots-engine will be finished in approximately one second.

View the results

Now let’s view the results of the translation:

  1. First look at the results of the run: bots-monitor->All runs->Reports (per run). Each run of bots is represented by a line; the last run is on top.
  2. View the incoming files via bots-monitor->Last run->Incoming. Click on the incoming file to see its contents.
  3. View the outgoing files (the results of the translation) go to or bots-monitor->Last run->outgoing. Again: click on the file name to see its contents.
  4. Note: this configuration reads the incoming files but does not delete them. So you can run it over and over again.