This part of the wiki is about using bots in production. There are extra points to consider when deploying bots in a 24x7 production environment:

  1. Consider the best way of running bots-engine.
  2. When errors in edi-files occur, receive a notification by email.
  3. Use multiple environments; having different environments for at least test and production is standard IT practice.
  4. Consider if you need extra archiving fro edi files.
  5. Install bots as a service/daemon.
  6. Use limited rights for users.
  7. If you use bots-monitor over the internet/outside your LAN, use HTTPS/SSL connection.
  8. use apache as web server (instead of default cherrypy)
  9. Use MySQL or PostgreSQL as database for Bots.
  10. Use AS2 as communication method.
  11. Bots has options to push changes from test to production.