PassThrough (no translation)ΒΆ

Sometimes you want to pass an edi-file though bots without translation. In this case bots is only used to manage/register the sending or receiving of edi-files.

For bots>=3.0

In route (bots-monitor->Configuration->Routes) use value Pass-through for translate.

For bots<=2.2

Use a routescript:

  1. Configure route the normal way (bots-monitor->Configuration->Routes)
  2. Make a routescript with the same name as the routeID
  3. Place the routescript in bots/usersys/routescripts/

Contents of routescript:

from bots.botsconfig import *
import bots.transform as transform

def postincommunication(routedict,*args,**kwargs):
    # postincommunication() is run after fromchannel communication.
    # the status of incoming files is changed to outgoing.
    # bots skips parsing and translation.