Walk through setupΒΆ

Lets take a look at the setup in my_first_plugin.

Look at the configured route

To view the route configured: bots-monitor->Configuration->Routes. This will look like:

  • A route tells bots what to do: where to get the edi-files, what type of files these are (this determines the translation done), and where to put the translated edi-files..
  • One route is configured, called myfirstfoute.
  • The route uses communication channel myfirstroute_in to get incoming edi-files.
  • These are edifact format: fromeditype=edifact, frommessagetype=edifact. Bots will figure out the exact messagetype (like ORDERSD96AUN) by itself.
  • The translated edi-files (fixed format) go to communication channel myfirstroute_out.

View the communication channels

To view the communication channels configured: bots-monitor->Configuration->Channels. This will look like:

  • A communications channel communicates edi-files in or out of bots.
  • There are different types of channels, eg: file, ftp, smtp, pop3, etc.
  • In this plugin 2 routes are configured. Both are type file: all reading and writing is to file system.
  • There is one in-channel and one out-channel.
  • Channels for file-system require a path and a filename.

The translations in this configuration

To view the translations configured: bots-monitor->Configuration->Translations. This will look like:

  • There is one translation configured.
  • This translation translates edi messages of editype edifact and messagetype ORDERSD96AUNEAN008 using mappingscript myfirstscriptordersedi2fixed to edi messages of editype fixed and messagetype ordersfixed.
  • Each messagetype has a grammar which describes the message: records, fields, formats. The grammar is a file; you can find it in: C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\bots\usersys\grammars\fixed
  • The mapping script does the actual translation; basically it gets data from the incoming message and puts the data in the outgoing message.
  • The mapping script is a file; you can find it in: C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\bots\usersys\mappings\edifact