How to Re-Receive

  • Incoming files can be re-received.
  • When re-receiving the (previously received) file is taken from the archive, and re-processed.
  • As the file from the archive is used, no (outside) communication is used.


  • In the incoming screen, go to the start (in front of each line); a small menu will pop-up. Choose ‘rereceive’ from this menu. The file will be marked as ‘rereveive’. Mark all files that you want to re-receive.
  • Go to main menu->Run->Run user-indicated re-receives.
  • The engine will now start, and do all the re-receives you marked.

Re-receive many files

  • As the files need to be marked one by one, this can be troublesome when you need to re-receive many files.
  • In the screen for incoming there is a button called Rereceive all. When you use this button all files in the selection are marked as re-receive. This might take some while.
  • Warning: all files in the selection are marked, not only the ones visible on your page.


Tip: first make the right selection via the button ‘Change Selection’. Additional individual files can be marked/de-marked later.