Glossary of TermsΒΆ

alt Used for chained translations.
botskey Used for business document number, eg order number, invoice number. Used to set up document views (view business document level).
channel type Type of communication used for sending/receiving files like ftp, smtp, file I/O.
chained translation A chained translations translate one incoming format to multiple outgoing formats.
editype Type of edi-file like x12, edifact, tradacoms, xml, csv, fixed record files.
mapping script A python script containing instructions how to get data from incoming edi-message and put it in the outgoing edi-message.
messagetype eg 850 (an x12 order), ORDERSD96AUN (edifact order) or your inhouse xml-orders. A messagetype is defined in a grammar
route a workflow for edi-files
translation convert a message of a certain editype, messagetype to another editype, messagetype using a mapping script.
translation rule determines what translations are done for incoming files. In bots-monitor->Configuration->Translations