User Rights

To add Bots users, select Users on the SysTasks menu. The Change User screen has a section called Permissions which contains the following settings controlling that user’s access.


If this box is checked, the user is able to log on to the webserver and view run details.


A bug in version 3.1.0 prevents users with only Active status from changing their own passwords. To be fixed in v3.2.0.

Staff Status

These users may also see the Configuration and Run menu items, depending on specific user permissions (see below). Only the permitted menu items will be visible. If you do not give any extra permissions, only an empty configuration menu is shown.

Superuser Status

These users can also see the Systasks menu. They have access to all Configuration and Run options without being specifically given permission. The default user (bots) is a superuser.


Recommendation: Create user names according to your company policy. Disable the default user or change the password; anybody can find out the default user/password for bots.

User Permissions for Staff status users

Here you can add permissions for specific configuration objects. Only some of the permissions shown in the list are relevant; they control access to the corresponding configuration menu options. Any permissions not listed below can be ignored as they have no effect in Bots GUI. Permissions can be given directly to a user, or to a user group which is then added to multiple users.

  • bots route
  • bots channel
  • bots translation
  • bots partner
  • bots confirm rule
  • bots user code
  • bots user code type
  • bots mutex - gives access to the Run menu new in version 2.2.0

You can use the search box under Available user permissions, then select the required permissions. Use the Ctrl-key to select multple items. Normally, you would give add/change/delete permissions together for the required configuration.

eg. To allow a staff user to configure channels, give these permissions.

bots | channel | Can add channel
bots | channel | Can change channel
bots | channel | Can delete channel

To allow a staff user access to the Run menu, give this special permission. (mutex is a table that bots uses to indicate a database lock while the engine runs)

bots | mutex | Can change mutex