Handling errors in Production

Different errors:

  1. Errors in edi files:
    • inbound: contact your edi-partner they should send valid messages. (yes, and sometimes you will just have to adapt the definitions of the standards).
    • outbound: check out why your ERP-system sends invalid messages. Adapt the export-module.
  2. Communication errors
    • inbound: no problem, next run bots will try again to fetch the messages correctly. No action needed (but if it keeps happinging….).
    • outbound. You can handle this manually or automated:
      • manually:
        1. in the outgoing view, select edi-files with failed outbound communication and mark these as ‘resend’
        2. do: ‘Run user-indicated resends’
        3. check if communication was OK this time.
        4. Note: number of resends is indicated in the outgoing view.
      • automatic:
        1. schedule bots-engine with option --automaticretrycommunication.
        2. all edi-files for which out-communication failed will be resend automatically.
        3. if communication fails (again) in the automatic retry this is indicated in the error notification. So probably it is best to react on this.
        4. Note: number of resends is indicated in the outgoing view.
        5. The first time you use automaticretrycommunication nothing is resend, but automaticretry is initialised: all failed communications from that moment on will be resend. This is to prevent having all older failed communications resend.
        6. Scheduling: often bots is scheduled to run eg every 10 minutes, and automaticretry once an hour. For this type of scheduling use the jobqueue server.