Bots-Monitor over HTTPS

  • This feature is introduced in bots 2.1.0.
  • This works with cherrypy > 3.2.0 in combination with python 2.6 or 2.7. In python 2.5 this works (using extra dependency pyOpenssl) but gives problems with reading plugins.


  1. You will need an SSL certificate. You can use self-signed certificates.

  2. In bots/config/bots.ini uncomment options ssl_certificate and ssl_private_key (in section webserver), and set these to the right value, eg:

    ssl_certificate = /mysafeplace/mycert.pem
    ssl_private_key = /mysafeplace/mycert.pem
    #In this example certificate and private key are in the same pem-file.
  3. Restart bots-webserver

  4. Point your browser to the right https-address, eg: https://localhost:8080


  • If you are using cherrypy and receive an error “ssl_error_rx_record_too_long” try the 2-line fix
  • You can create self-signed certificates here
  • You can configure port=443 in bots.ini then just point your browser to https://localhost