Code ConversionΒΆ

Bots supports code conversions. The code conversion is done in a mapping script; maintenance for the codes can be done via bots-monitor->Configuration->User codes as list. This page contains 3 examples of code conversions:

  1. Convert currency code list.
  2. Convert internal article code to buyers article code.
  3. Convert internal article code to description.

Code Maintenance in GUI

First configure 2 code lists (bots-monitor->Configuration->user codes by type):


Make the code conversions (bots-monitor->Configuration->user codes as list):


Code Conversion in Mapping Script

import bots.transform as transform

#convert currency code
our_currency_code = inn.get({'BOTSID':'HEA','VALUTA':None})
converted_currency_code = transform.ccode('Currency',our_currency_code)

#convert internal article code to buyers article code:
buyer_article_number = transform.ccode('LookupArticleNumber',our_article_number)

#get description (in field 'attr1') for article
description = transform.ccode('LookupArticleNumber',our_article_number,field='attr1')

#code conversion also works via reverse lookup:
our_article_number = transform.reverse_ccode('LookupArticleNumber',buyer_article_number)

Code Conversion Functions

transform.ccode(codelist, value, field, safe)

Convert value to value in field using a user-maintained code list. Parameters:

  • codelist: codelist as in bots-monitor->Configuration->user codes by type.
  • value to be converted (should be in leftcode)
  • field: the field to lookup (if not specified: rightcode)
  • safe: if False (default): raise exception when value is in found in codelist. If True: just return value.

Example of usage for leftcode to rightcode:


Example of usage for leftcode to attr1:


transform.reverse_ccode(codelist, value, field)

Same as transform.ccode(), but conversion is from rightcode to field.

Changes in Code Conversion Functions

These functions have changed over versions. The old functions are deprecated but still work.

bots<2.1 bots<3.0 bots>=3.0
codetconversion ccode ccode
safecodetconversion safe_ccode ccode with parameter safe=True
rcodetconversion reverse_ccode reverse_ccode
safercodetconversion safe_reverse_ccode reverse_ccode with parameter safe=True