Migrate Kid to Genshi

If you use bots edi type template then you are using kid for those templates. From version 2.1.0 onwards, using Genshi is also supported, using edi type template-html. In a future bots version, kid will be removed as it is no longer being developed.

You may have copied templates from a plugin, or developed your own. Each template normally consists of three files:

  • usersys/grammars/template/<messagetype>.py is the grammar configured in the translation and defines the actual template files used.
  • usersys/grammars/template/templates/<messagetype>.kid is the template containing html code for the main body of the message.
  • usersys/grammars/template/templates/<messagetype>_envelope.kid is the envelope template containing header and footer html code.


Your naming standard for the .kid files may differ from the above example

To convert this to a Genshi template, at least the following steps are required. There may be additional changes depending on your template complexity. For more info see Comparing Genshi to Kid.

  1. Of course, the Genshi library must be installed for this to work.

  2. Copy the three source files from usersys/template to usersys/templatehtml. The compiled .pyc files are not copied. Keep the same /templates sub-directory structure for the templates.

  3. Also copy the __init.py__ files when first creating this new directory structure.

  4. Rename the two copied .kid files to .html (ie. just change the file extension)

  5. Edit the <messagetype>.py file and change it’s template and envelope-template settings that refer to the .kid files to .html files.
    syntax = {
  6. Edit the two .html template files and make the following changes:

    • Namespaces should be changed
    <!-- Kid namespace -->
    <html xmlns:py="http://purl.org/kid/ns#">
    <!-- Genshi namespaces (xmlns:xi probably needed only in envelope) -->
    <html xmlns:py="http://genshi.edgewall.org/" xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude">
    • xi:include should be used instead of py:replace in the envelope template
    <!-- Kid syntax for replace -->
    <div py:strip="True" py:for="message in data">
        <div py:replace="document(message)"/>
    <!-- Genshi syntax for include -->
    <div py:strip="True" py:for="message in data">
        <xi:include href="${message}" />
  7. Change your translation: change template to template-html.

  8. Last, but not least: test this ;-)