Bots 2.1.0

  • This version is the first version in one-and-a-half year.
  • Bots 2.0.2 proved to be quite stable.
  • This version adds a lot of new functionality; quite some bugs have been fixed.
  • This new verson is very upward compatible with version 2.0.2

Migration Notes


  • Get the plugin at sourceforge.
  • Mind there are 2 version of the plugin, depending upon the version of django you use.
  • Read like a normal plugin (bots-monitor->systasks->read plugin).
  • Stop the web-server.
  • Restart bots-webserver.


Version 2.1.0 is upward compatible with previous versions in 2.*.*-series:

  • no data migration needed
  • grammars, translations etc mostly will work as before

Compatibility notes

After upgrading, some (eg. older edifact) grammars can give errors. This is due to stricter checking of grammars. The records in a grammar are now checked for unique field-names: the same field name is not allowed in a record. This was never OK, but was not checked). Typical error:

GrammarError: Grammar "...usersys/grammars/edifact.ORDERSD96AUNEAN008", record "FII": field "C078.3192" appears twice. Field names should be unique within a record.

The culprit is the file D96Arecords (or similar), the FII segment has an error in it.

  • Solution 1: adapt grammar manually; change FII segment:



  • Solution 2: use plugin (same directory as update-plugins. this plugin only contains edifact records for D93A and D96A).


Detailed changes in version 2.1.0 are here.

Changes in bots.ini

You can use your old bots.ini with no problem, reasonable defaults have been used. Following are the new options added.


#adminlimit: number of lines displayed on one screen for configuration items; default is value of 'limit'
#adminlimit = 30

#for incoming channels: limit the time in-communication is done (in seconds). Default is 60. This is the global parameter, can also be limited per channel (in GUI)
maxsecondsperchannel = 60

#sendreportifprocesserror : do not send a report by mail if only process errors occurred. useful if outcommunication often gives error. default= True (send if there is a process error)
sendreportifprocesserror = True

#imap4debug: print detailed information about imap4 session(s). Default 0 (no debug) (can use 0,1,2,3,4,5)


#the server_name. Used to distinguish different bots-environments. defaults: bots-webserver
name = bots-webserver

#in order to use ssl/https:
#    - indicate here the file for the ssl_certificate and ssl_private_key. (both can be in the same file)
#    - uncomment the lines
#(and of course you will have to make the certificate and private key yourself)
#self-signed certificates are allowed.
#ssl_certificate = /path/to/filename
#ssl_private_key = /path/to/filename